TOK Essay Titles for May 2018

Sample outlines, some not good. Comments added.
Outline 1 | Outline 2 | Outline 3 | Outline 4 | Outline 5

Download the Essay titles here!

TOK Essay title 1

TOK Essay title 2

TOK Essay title 3

TOK Essay title 4

TOK Essay title 5

TOK Essay title 6

IB Exam Schedule May 2017

Download the schedule here!
Please inform me immediately if you see and mistakes.

Download relevant additional PDF files here:

8L, M, N: Upload of work for the IB

Formatting Guidance
The following formatting is required for written eCoursework (excluding visual arts). This ensures the work can be easily read on screen by examiners as well as ensuring there is consistency between the diploma subjects:

  • Use of fonts such as Arial, minimum font size 11 (where the language / script supports it)
  • Single (or greater) line spacing
  • Numbered pages
  • Portrait orientation (rather than landscape) – except where it is necessary or appropriate. The use of landscape orientation may be to accommodate a specific item such as a graph or illustration.
  • For components with page limits: It is not acceptable to ‘shrink to fit’ an eCoursework assignment to remain within page limits by reducing white space on the page, reducing A3 to A4 so the font size becomes less than 11 or choosing a non-standard font. Examiners are instructed not to credit work that has been ‘shrunk to fit’ in this way.

Identification of work
Schools are encouraged to keep coursework submissions anonymous.

  • The IB asks that the candidate’s personal code (abc123) is used to identify candidates’ work on coursework and forms submitted to the IB.
  • Candidates are asked to avoid using their name, session number or the name or number of their school in their work, whether on the title page, headers, footers or anywhere else on the document.
  • Candidate names or session numbers can be used in the document filenames only.
  • Candidates will not be expected to remove identifying marks from their work if the work is already complete, but we would ask schools to ensure candidates submit anonymous work to the IB in future.

5LM, 6LMN, 7LMN: Register for next year’s courses!

Download the PDF file that goes along with the audio!

  • Please sign up for the courses for next school year. We need this information to plan the school year.
  • Please check your IB registrations as well. Here is a link to the registrations. Inform me if there are mistakes. The courses you sign up for must be the same as those on the Excel sheet.
  • Deadline (!!!): Thursday January 26th. It does not take long to complete the registration. 5 minutes if you are fast. It probably takes longer to listen to my explanation of it!

6M Problems:

  • Fabian Bremmer has not chosen an Alternative Arts (send me email, I need it in writing)
  • Cliselli Marco has not given me a LACORF form.
  • Oskar Lindner has not chosen an Alternative Arts (send me email, I need it in writing)

6N Problems:

  • Angelidis Dimitris and Annane Daniel have chosen Biology HL and Economics HL. This combination is, unfortunately not possible. You can choose Bio HL and Chem HL or Economics HL with an Arts HL. Please re-choose.
  • Ciarnau Elias-Florindo has not chosen an Alternative Arts (send me email, I need it in writing)
  • Hulvanova Lucia and Vogeno Kimberly have not given me a LACORF form.

We currently have one student too little for ITGS SL (only 4 instead of 5). This was due to a double entry. There are also only 5 Students in History SL. I would like to ask some students to move from the large Psychology SL group to ITGS and History SL. If we do not have 5 students by the beginning of next year, then the group will collapse and the remaining students will have to re-choose. Students interested in changing to ITGS and History should please send me an email.

Jan 10, 2017: Important forms

Here is a direct link to some important forms:

Please get them in by Friday, Jan 13th even if it is stressy for you.